Advanced Healing Cream

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The Problem

Diabetics endure a wide range of health problems including a number of skin conditions caused by poor circulation of blood to the surface of the skin. Poor circulation can lead to dry, cracked skin, and slow healing of bumps, bruises and scrapes which, if left unattended, may develop into more serious situations.

The Solution

Diabetic Skin Care contains TriOxygen, a revolutionary patented formula that releases oxygen to the skin, stimulates the productionof collagen, and increases the rate of new cell growth. These three critical components of the healing process are depressed in the diabetic patient.

This therapeutic cream consistently outranks the leading doctor recommended moisturizer in diabetic preferences.

  • Maximum Oxygenated treatment speeds healing, restores and protects chronic severely dry, damaged skin.
  • Fast results
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Non-greasy application
  • Maximim TriOxygen, Aloe, Vitamin E, Skin Protectant

See what Diabetic Oxygenated Advanced Healing Cream can do for you!

The Amazing Healing Power of OXYGEN Breathes New Life into Skin

Seeing is Believing!

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