DiaVite Plus
1 Month Supply
1 bottle - $19.95
2 Month Supply
2 bottles - $18.45 ea.
3 Month Supply
3 bottles - $17.65 ea.

MEDICOOL, INC is pleased to announce the the release of a unique multivitamin and mineral supplement, the newest in a line of products, which are designed for people with diabetes.

DiaVite Plus was developed by and nationally recognized expert on diabetes.

DiaVite Plus is both powerful and convenient. Many people with diabetes regularly take vitamin supplements to achieve optimal nutrition. Now thay can get everything they need in one formula.

DiaVite Plus provides 100% (or More) of the recommended daily allowance for all vitamins, plus essential minerals and trace elements. It is a powerful antioxidant, with concentrations of Vitamins A (as beta carotene), C and E that are 2 to 10 times higher than in standard multivitamin preparations.

Nutritional Information

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