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Price - $79.95
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Anti-microbial: X-Static® eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi in the shoe within 2 hours.

Anti-odor: Odor is a chemical composition of ammonia and denatured proteins. X-Static® binds with ammonia and denatured proteins to change this chemical composition, which results in instant odor reduction.

Thermodynamic: X-Static® decreases friction in the shoe by displacing heat, which results in a reduction of blisters and hot spots.

  1. Activz is an ultra lightweight shoe.
  2. Flexible construction allows for a “broken in” feel the first time the shoe is worn.
  3. A breathable leather upper with perforated side vents.
  4. A unique, easy to use strap closure that is fully adjustable.
  5. Reinforced shank for added support.
  6. Extra depth (available in 3 widths).

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