POUCHO™ For Inhalers

Poucho Inhaler $27.50
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Keep your inhaler cool and clean! The Poucho inhaler wallet allows people with asthma to keep their inhaler accessible and clean with its handy design. It will also keep your medication (Pulmozyme) (dornase alfa) at a safe temperature as recommended by the manufacturers to ensure maximum potency. It is easily activated with just tap water and will keep your inhaler cool without refrigeration. Made in the USA by Medicool, Inc.

  • Keeps inhalers cool without refrigeration.
  • Keeps inhalers clean and free of dust and debris.
  • Will neatly fit most types of inhalers.
  • Activate with just tap water.
  • Can be used and re-activated a hundred times.
  • Stays cool up to 4 days.
  • Great for asthma sufferers on the go.

Inhaler Not Included

Also suitable for asthma medication (Pulmozyme) (dornase alfa)

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