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Electric files are as safe as the technician using them. Electric files do not cause damage; improperly trained technicians do.
It is essential that nail technicians get proper training before using an electric file on a client.

Many nail technicians take for granted that since their license allows them to purchase electric files, they can figure out how to use them on their own. This is not necessarily the case.
Due to misuse of machines by poorly trained nail techs, electric files, or drills, have gotten a negative reputation. In order to overcome this negative image and regain consumer confidence, proper education and training is required.

The AEFM offers as education program to schools and State Boards, however, many are reluctant to change their education program to incorporate Electric File Education.

As a nail tech you should educate your clients on Electric Files and the benefits that both your client and you would receive by using an electric file.

You are a professional, always use professional products designed and manufactured for nail technicians. Support your industry.

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