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Using the proper amount of downward pressure with your Electric File and Bits is very important. There's a fine line between too much and not enough. If you use too little pressure, the nail will not be affected, but if you use too much pressure, the nail can be damaged. You must also remember to periodically lift the bit from the nail to prevent heat build up. The quickest way for you to understand the proper pressure is to pay close attention to the difference in force required for an area that needs a great deal of filing and an area where little needs to be done. You should observe this with every Bit you try, because the pressure required will change with the tool and area you are filling. Practice in this area is the key to successful use of your electric file.

The trick to eliminating heat buildup on the nails is to constantly lift the Bit from the nail as you work, allowing air to cool the nail. Sanding bands heat up the fastest, while Diamond Bits usually stay the coolest. All Bits will burn if you leave them on the nail long enough. Remember: you are creating heat with your technique. If the client is uncomfortable, slow the speed down, and lift the Bit off the nail more often. To determine how much heat is building up, put your thumb on the hand that is holding the clients nail and as you work periodically feel the top of the nail. Because the nail is hotter on top than underneath, you will be able to lift the Bit before you client becomes uncomfortable.

This varies from machine to machine and you'll need to practice what speeds feel best to you before using your machine on a client. Adjust the speed depending on what technique you're using. Generally speaking, use a lower speed for cuticle area; a medium speed for backfills and refining the concave/convex shape at the tips; and a faster speed on top for shaping. Speeds in excess of 15,000 RPM are not necessary, and can be potentially dangerous. Your client's safety and comfort should always be your primary concern.

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