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Recommended Bits:

Silicone Buffing Bits - D1, D2, D3 and Sapphire Disk - B1

Sapphire Disk Bit - B1

Silicone Buffing Bits - D1, D3, D2


Begin by doing a natural nail manicure and pushing back the softened cuticles. Then use a Silicone Buffing Bit with the power turned off and gently push the cuticle back before turning the machine on. Or you may use the Cuticle Pusher. Start with a coarser (Green color - D1) Bit and use medium speed to smooth any ridges or to remove pterygium. When using the Bit around the cuticle area gently push any remaining cuticle back with the flat top of the tip as you remove the pterygium. Use the Bit at a 45 degree angle at the cuticle and use it horizontally when buffing the top of the nail plate. Let the Electric File work for you. You do not need to apply much pressure when using these soft synthetic Bits. Heat can easily build up when too much pressure is being applied. Remember that the Silicone Buffing Bits come in Coarse (D1), Medium (D2), and Fine (D3) and should be used in that order to obtain the best finish on the natural nail. This is a similar practice to using a regular 3 way buffing file. The Bits soft and eventually they will take on a more pointed form around the top as they are used. You can flatten out the tip of the Bit while your Electric File is running by pressing the tip to a hand file. You can get a few extra uses out of these Bits by reshaping them yourself. You can also use the natural Sapphire Disk (B1) to shorten nails that are thick or those that crack and split easily. This Disk was designed to help to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend using your hand files. You need to run your Electric File at a lower speed to get the best results from the Sapphire Disk (B1). The Disk by itself may not always give you that perfect edge, so you may want to finalize you work with a hand file.

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