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Recommended Bits:

Sapphire Disk (B1), Sapphire Cone (B2, E2), Sapphire Bit (B3, E3) and Hard Skin Remover (B10, E5)

Sapphire Disk (B1)

Sapphire Cone (B2)

Large Foot Cone (B10)

When performing a pedicure don't forget to sanitize your hands and your clients feet prior to starting. Sapphire Bits only work when they come in contact with dead dry skin and nail material and it is this feature that makes them the safest of all the Bits. To shorten toenails, hold the Sapphire Disk at a 90-degree angle using medium RPM. High speeds tends to shred the edge of the nail. For clients with thick toenails, the Sapphire Cone should be used to file down and reshape the top surface. Remember not to apply too much pressure and always use short strokes, removing the bit from the nail often as you work. You can use the Long Sapphire Bit to remove the dead hardened skin on the sides of the nail. Once you have filed and shaped the nails, use the Silicone Buffing Bits to create a healthy shine. Remember to graduate these Bits from Coarse (green) to the Fine (yellow). For Clients with callused or hard and rough skin areas, especially on the heel and ball of the foot, the large Sapphire Foot Cone works wonders. Just remember to always use Sapphire attachments on dry skin and nails.

The Medicool Pedicure video shows the complete pedicure procedure.

The Pedisenso Pedicure Machine includes bits required for the machine and all the pedicure procedures.

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