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Recommended Bits:

Coarse (Green D1) Silicone Buffing Bit

Silicone Buffing Bit (D1)


Because it isn't necessary to rough up the natural nail to prepare it for an artificial application (you need only take off the shiny surface) a Coarse Silicone Buffing Bit (color green) will do this. You can gently clean away any excess cuticle from the nail plate by pushing it back with a Cuticle Pusher or Silicone Buffing Bits before using the Electric File.
Use the machine at a very slow speed and with a light pressure. At a 45-degree angle, start from the right side of the nail at the groove wall and slowly work your way around the cuticle and top of the nail until you reach the left side of the cuticle. Then, keeping the Bit flush with the nail, go over the entire surface from left to right and back again, making sure you have not left any part of the nail untouched. Always lift the bit off the nail after a few strokes so that heat doesn't build up causing discomfort to your client. Remove dust from the nail plate with a clean nylon brush and proceed with your product application.

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