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Recommended Bits:
Diamond Bits (E12M, E12C) and Swiss Carbide Bits (SC11, SC5, SC5C)

Diamond Barrel

Carbide Barrel

When shaping you will need to first determine how much material needs to be removed. You may need to use more than one Bit to complete your shaping based on this assessment. You may want to graduate from a coarser to a finer grit at one side of the nail, holding the Bit flat to the nail and shape the sides and tip of the nail first. Then work the Bit from left to right at a 20-degree angle on the top of the nail from near the cuticle on out to the tip. Don't forget to lift the Bit off the nail plate regularly as you work. The parameter of the nails will still need to be hand filed, but you can finish the edges with a Fine Diamond Barrel Bit (E12X), then white block buffer.

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