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Recommended Bits:
Diamond Bits (B52), Carbide Bits (CC3, CC4, SC52)

Diamond Cone


This is a matter of preference and any of these Bits can work for you. For cleaning the ledges or shelves out from underneath the nails there are tapered Carbide and Diamond Bits available. However, many Nail Technicians still prefer the Barrel shapes, including the mandrel with Sanding Band. Be careful not to touch the hyponychium or the fingertip with the cutting edges of the bit as you work. You may want to turn over the client's hand so you can gain a better view of the underside of the nail.

The My Beautiful Nails Battery machine is a great machine for cleaning under the nail, if you only require a file for this purpose and do not use an Electric File on the top of the nail. It comes with a Diamond Cone, the primary bit used for cleaning under the nail.

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