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Recommended Bits:
Diamond Bits (B9, E12M, E12C), Carbide Bits (CC6, CC7, CC2, CC11, SC11C)

Backfill Bit

The shorter Backfill Bits are designed to cut out only the area of the white tip that has grown out, and the longer Backfill Bits are for even larger area. The front edge of either a Carbide Backfill bit, a Carbide Barrel, or a Diamond Barrel will all work well when doing a Backfill. Using the Bit at a 45-degree angle, cut a new smile line above the old one. Remember that a white acrylic dulls in color as it ages. The new white tip power is whiter in color and will make a strip of lighter white if you do not remove the entire white tip when doing your backfill. After cutting a new smile line with the Backfill Bit, use a regular-size Barrel Bit from side to side to remove the remaining white tip product. You should take off 75% or more of the entire white tip so you can completely replace it evenly with fresh, new product. Because the Backfill Bit is so well suited to Electric File, here are the steps to a Backfill in detail:

  1. Prep the nails for a fill as usual.
  2. Using the Backfill Bit at a 45-degree angle, start at the right side of the nail and take small cuts to define a new smile line until you reach the left side. Hold the Electric Filing machine securely without too much pressure on the nail. Be sure not to leave the Bit on the nail too long, and make sure you're not cutting too deep. You can always go back over the area if your cut isn't deep enough. Cut all ten of the smile lines and then change to a larger Barrel Bit.
  3. Using the larger Barrel Bit, remove 75% of the white top product from the nails. Do this as you view the nails from the side. As you become proficient at this you can actually drill all the way down and expose the natural nail plate without damaging it. If you remove all the acrylic and expose the natural nail on the fill edge, you will have to re-prime the exposed natural nail area, otherwise it isn't necessary to prime the exposed acrylic.
  4. Remove the dust from the nails, dehydrate and apply primer if necessary.
  5. Apply the white tip powder to all 10 nails and let it set completely before applying the pink product. This does two things: First, it keeps the white tip powder from mixing with the pink powder, dulling the color, second, you can't drag the pink acrylic through the white and dull the smile line if the white power is already dry.

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