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This nail needs a Maintenance Fill. Follow your sanitizing and prepping steps. Use the Prep/Shape file to blend acrylic flush and prep the natural nail. Use a professional nail drill like Medicool's ProTouch 1000. Make a trench over the grown-out natural nail free edge. Follow your state regulations for use of nail drills or electric files. On the exposed natural nail only, use one coat of Bond and two to three light coasts of Primer. Let dry naturally to chalky white. Apply Acrylic on last coast of Primer while it is still wet.
Place a ball of Ultra White at the free edge and create a new smile line. Apply a small ball of Pink at the cuticle and another at the stress area for reinforcement. You may also want to use a small ball of Ultra Pink to brighten existing pink product. With this maintenance technique, nails are beautiful pink and white once again.

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