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These are red indentations in the natural nail made by careless use of the Electric Filing Machine. Each one usually represents a fill, meaning there could be rings all the way down the nail plate. This is caused by the incorrect use of a Barrel Bit at the cuticle area. The top edge of the Bit digs into the natural nail as it files down the acrylic because it is being held at the wrong angle. The remedy for Rings of Fire is to use the electric file bit at the proper angle.


Friction is the main cause of heat, and pressure is the cause of friction. As you use the Electric File you must constantly lift the Bit up off the nail as you work so that air can cool the nail. Sanding bands heat up the quickest, so you must be very careful when using then on top of the nail.

If you feel your nails aren't shiny enough after using the buffing cream and Buffing Bit, you need to start filing all over again. Start by going back over the nails with the Extra Fine Diamond Barrel Bit and then back through the buffing techniques. When you're filing you must always be aware that you will obtain the best finish when you "graduate" your Bits and Files. You need to go from Coarse or Medium, to Fine or Extra-Fine grits, in this order. At each step you must take a good look at your work to be sure you've buffed out all your file marks before proceeding on to the next Bit or File. It's also a good idea to finish up by using the soft side of a white buffer block to give your work that personal touch.


When this happens, the Carbide Bit grabs onto the acrylic and can wrap around the nail, hitting the skin. You need to prevent this, because it can accidentally cut your client. Always remain alert when using your Electric File. Be aware of your working speed, as well as the pressure you are applying. Attention to detail will keep you in charge of your Electric Drill at all times and prevent the drill from jumping and vibrating off the nail.

Always test new products and tools on yourself first. This way you know how they work and you won't make the early mistakes on your clients. Until you're comfortable using the Electric Filing machine on yourself, the best way to gain practice is to glue a tip onto the end of a dowel. Apply acrylic to the tip and practice filing it using the machine. A dowel is easy to hold because it's about the same size as a real finger. When you first begin to use the Electric Filing Machine during services, start out slowly by using it to clean up underneath acrylic nails. Learning how to control the machine will help you gain confidence and put your clients at ease. Practice on another Nail technician in your salon or ask a friends if she'll be your practice model for a free fill.

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