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Let's Dance Foot Spa - Tanning Bed & Surface Kit

Price: $18.95

Let's Dance Foot Spa - Tanning Bed & Surface Kit
Includes a 32 oz Spray Bottle and 8 oz Let's Dance Disinfectant

Its an all purpose disinfectant, the 8 oz concentrate is highly concentrated and will make 16 gallons of disinfectant, this will fill the 32 oz Spray Bottle 64 times. The spray bottle will then disinfect over 120 Foot Spas or 150 Tanning Beds. Probably the most economical disinfectant you will find. The disinfectant has a built in detector that will turn the disinfectant cloudy when it is time to change it when used in a jar Let's Dance meets or exceeds all State Board Requirements and is a high lever Hospital Grade Tuberculocidal Disinfectant.