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Special School Offer From Medicool, Inc.

Many state boards are beginning to show a real concern over the lack of proper Electric File Education in their cosmetology schools. Many of these states are now looking very closely at including Electric Drill Education in their curriculum. States like Tennessee, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska already include a mandatory certified education class in their curriculum.

Many schools already offer Electric File Education and are using Medicool's products. If your State decides to follow Tennessee and Mississippi, you should be ready to accommodate the thousands of technicians that will need to complete mandatory training hours. If you do not offer Electric File Education, they may seek the services of another school.

Most schools are concerned about the cost of equipment to provide proper education. Medicool would like to help those schools who plan to include Drill Education. Medicool is a manufacturer of Professional Manicure & Pedicure Drills. We offer various Carbide, Diamond, Natural Nail Pedicure Bits. We also offer an Ultrasonic Sanitizing Machine that will sanitize these bits between use.

To Encourage Electric File Education in Cosmetology Schools, Medicool would like to offer the following:

  • Special school pricing on all equipment including Electric Files, bits that will be used in a classroom setting.
  • A technical training DVD entitled "The Safe Way To File"
  • Classroom instructions

We have many Beauty Supply Distributors that stock our products and I'm sure we have one in your area. If we do not have a store close to your school, we will have our salesman encourage one of the local distributors to stock our products and have products available to your students. If your school has a retail operation, we will allow the school to buy at wholesale and sell to the students at retail. This will then allow you to put money back into the education project.

We are here to help you, help the students. Please contact us with your questions.

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